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The Monkey

11th Mar 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
The Monkey
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Frame 1
CAMELLO to Lucky (off-screen): So you’re horny? Then spank the monkey.

Frame 2
LUCKY to Camello (off-screen): I don’t want to touch my monkey.

Frame 3
CAMELLO to Lucky (off-screen): Your wife likes spanking monkeys.

Frame 4
LUCKY to Camello (off-screen): I promised to let her finish her studies before she has to touch my monkey. And, I am a man of honor.

Frame 5
CAMELLO to Lucky (off-screen): What about your white Russian fangirls?

Frame 6
LUCKY to Camello: Well... I guess the wife would be cool with that, but I can’t chance a pregnancy.
CAMELLO to Lucky: Wrap the monkey.
LUCKY to Camello: Camello, I’m a respectable married man. What would people say if I got caught with rubbers?
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