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Vodka Strength

Vodka Strength
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Frame 1
Camello beats up Man 1.

Frame 2
Camello continues beating up Man 1.

Frame 3
Camello angrily looks down at Man 1.
CAMELLO: Who is spreading these bullshit rumors?

Frame 4
TATIANA To Camello: Camello, honey, the Marquis has no kind words for you.

Frame 5
CAMELLO To Tatiana: He should have killed me.

Frame 6

TATIANA To Camello: Are you going to finish your vodka? You’ll need it to be strong?
CAMELLO To Tatiana: True, and an empty bottle is a good weapon.
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Author Notes:

1st Mar 2022, 6:59 PM
Russians who drink love their vodka regardless of ethnic extraction. Even when the Soviet government hoped it would go away, it never did. If you’ve ever been around a Russian who drinks and an ample supply of vodka, it’s quite the experience.
2nd Mar 2022, 4:39 PM
I finally have the emotional bandwidth to say this, so here we go:

As folks who are familiar with my art already know, I've never been a fan of Russia's government. To the Ukrainian and Russian folks who are fighting for basic human decency or searching for safety, you have my love.