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Not a Liar

Not a Liar
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Frame 1
Two men are talking in the background, while Camello looks down at the ground.

MAN 1 To Man 2
That reminds me. Did you hear about the fight at the Marquis’s wedding?

Frame 2
Camello looks surprised.

MAN 1 (off-screen) To Man 2 (off-screen)
Camello was sayin’ that he screwed Marlborina.

MAN 2 (off-screen) To Man 1 (off-screen)
He’s a lying thief, just like his father was.

Frame 3
Camello gets angry.

MAN 1 (off-screen) To Man 2 (off-screen)
I wonder why the elders haven’t expelled him?

MAN 2 (off-screen) To Man 1 (off-screen)
He had protection. But now, Bahktale Vasquez hates him, so I’m sure that will change soon.

Frame 4
Camello grabs Man 1 to rough him up.

I am not a liar and Lucky does not hate me, you goatfucker!
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