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Frame 1
Camello stands with his eyes closed

NARRATOR 1 To Audience
I thought that gypsies killed each other when dishonor happened.

NARRATOR 2 To Audience
As a modern Rrom, I view honor killings as silly and barbaric anachronisms.

Frame 2
Camello looks off to his right.

I also had a great deal of sympathy for Camello.

MAN 1 (off-screen) To Man 2
Isn’t that Gurkha Basma’s loser kid?

Frame 3
Two men are talking in the background, while Camello looks at the ground.

MAN 2 To Man 1 Yep.
Married for four years and he still can’t get his wife pregnant.

NARRATOR 1 To Audience
Why? He sounds like a horrible human being.

Frame 4
TATIANA To people
Guys! His parents and brothers are dead, and his uncle married him off to that awful witch. Let him mourn his lover’s marriage to his dead father’s friend.
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