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The Easter Egg Of DOOM!

The Easter Egg Of DOOM!
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Frame 1
A view of three alien ships out in space.
ALIEN To Sobek (off-screen)
Sobek, we have detected over 5,367,185,126 hairless apes on the blue and green planet.

Frame 2
A reptile inside a ship, at a control panel.

SOBEK To alien (off-screen)
Excellent! We shall enslave half of them and save the rest for a delicious feast of hairless ape flesh.

Frame 3
Mikhail is behind a green goo-covered Camello, holding the weapon.

MIKHAIL To Camello
Conscript, hand that over.

CAMELLO To Mikhail
No way! I want to see what it does.

Frame 4
A huge explosion in space above the earth.
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Author Notes:

18th Apr 2021, 9:41 PM
I love b-movies.