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Sex Addict

Sex Addict
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Frame 1
Lucky looks anguished.

LUCKY To Audience
Why didn’t I listen?

Frame 2
LUCKY To Audience
I made her promise to never screw other men or wear tampons ever again. In exchange, I promised, on my word of honor, to never screw other women ever again. She said I was insane.

Frame 3
LUCKY To Audience
”I can do it,” she said, “but, you’re a sex-addict, Lucky! You won’t last the week. It’s not like white chicks are real people anyway. I don’t mind you messing with them as long as you don’t knock them up.” I told my wife, “Wife, I have self-control!”

Frame 4
Lucky looks up, panicked.

LUCKY To Audience
Bad move.
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