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Virginia Was Right About Rock

Virginia Was Right About Rock
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Frame 1
Camello is playing guitar in front two other Rroma people with instruments. In the foreground, Marlborina is talking with another girl.

NARRATOR To Audience
I felt bad about what I did, so I wrote her a song.

CAMELLO To Marlborina
Marlborina, please forgive me. Oh, I did you wrong and my heart is broken.

GIRL To Marlborina
I can’t believe Camello Basma wrote you a song.

I really like him, but he’s married and rotten to the core.

GIRL To Marlborina
Load my Place Save my Place


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Author Notes:

11th Jan 2022, 6:56 PM
Stupid boys and their damn electric guitar. Wait… How did he get one of those? Isn’t he destitute?