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The Bad Husband

The Bad Husband
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Frame 1
Gloria looks sad and downtrodden.

GLORIA To Camello (off-screen)
Your uncle asked me to relay a message. He wonders why you’re so sad. This is the third day of your cousin’s wedding. You should be happy for her.

Frame 2
CAMELLO To Gloria (off-screen)
I don’t know, my darling. Tell Romeo that his daughter was a shitty lay.

Frame 3
NARRATOR To Audience
For those of us Rroma who are unwilling or unable to conform to the morality of marriage, life quickly becomes a living hell.

Also tell him that I would like an annulment, dear.

GLORIA To Camello
You’re drunk.

My dead father’s best friend married the only girl who doesn't insult my intelligence. I have to wake up next to you every single day because Romeo was too cheap to get me a decent wife. I got kicked out of the army. You bet I’m drunk.
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