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Don't Get Married

Don't Get Married
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Frame 1
Camello to Marlborina
Marbie, I’m here! Don’t get married!

Frame 2
Marlborina looks annoyed. Lucky looks surprised.

Camello, you’re always late! I’m already married.

LUCKY To Camello (in Russian, translated)
Cam? What the Hell?

Frame 3
Camello looks surprised.

CAMELLO To Lucky (in Russian, translated)
Oh fuck me! Lucky, you asshole.

Frame 4
Camello and Romeo are yelling at each other, as Lucky looks on.

LUCKY To Camello (in Russian, translated)
I’m Sorry.

ROMEO To Camello
How dare you speak Russian like a gadje.

Fuck you!

ROMEO To Camello
Who the hell invited you to come here?
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