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Frame 1
A man, his grandmother and a boy are standing outside of Lucky and Marlborina's honeymoon tent along side the rest of the wedding guests.

Man To Grandmother
Bahktale and his wife sound pleased with each other.

Grandmother To Man
They will be so happy.

Boy to Man
I dunno about that Pops.

Frame 2
Boy to Man
I heard that Lucky's a big golden poontang addict.

Frame 3
Man to Boy

Frame 4
Lucky peeks outside of the tent.
Lucky To Marlborina
Marriage consummated. Time to go home!

Frame 5
Lucky and Marlborina have a conversation inside the tent.

Lucky To Marlborina
I wiped my head with your panties and flashed them at the crowd. They all bought it.

Now, how long will it take for you to get a doctorate? A year?

Frame 6
The scene returns outdoor. Now, Virginia and Romeo are the focus.

Virginia To Romeo
What's a poontang?
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