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Marital Negotiation

Marital Negotiation
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Frame 1
Marlborina to Lucky
I know it's not politically correct for a woman to be anything other than a doormat in our society, but I am a product of the Soviet education system and I embrace the concept of gender equity. I realize that an annulment would get me. beaten by my father, but I don't care. I'm not ready to breed and I want to get a Doctorate.

Frame 2
Lucky to Marlborina
You are my lady, and I will give you whatever you want because I will love you eventually. But, if our marriage is to work, I require compromise regarding romance.

Frame 3
Marlborina to Lucky
Sigh... Fine.

Frame 4
Marlborina to Lucky
You can have your gadje sluts. Just don't get any of them pregnant.

Lucky to Marlborina
Baby keep your legs closed until you're a doctor. I'll respect your right to be a liberated broad.

Frame 5
Marlborina seems pleased by her new husband's compromise.
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