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Hate Sex

Hate Sex
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Two blond and female Russian irrigation maintenance specialists regard Lucky with disdain. They're wearing gray jumpsuit uniforms.

Slender Irrigation Specialist To Curvy Irrigation Specialist
The supervisor is a gypsy?

Curvy Irrigation Specialist To Slender Irrigation Specialist
Yep. A dark- skinned thief.

Lucky in his work uniform, yells at the irrigation specialists. His long brown hair is pulled back in a ponytail.

Lucky To Women
I'm training you on irrigator maintenance. I don't need this. You pale bitches only hate on me because you want me. Just fuck me now and get it out of your systems.

Lucky indulges in a threesome with the two irrigation specialists.

Older Lucky narrates.

Lucky To unseen characters.
I maintained the appearance of purity around my own race. White fangirls and smuggled rubbers kept me sane. The more hateful the bitches were, the more they wanted me.
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