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I Lost My Powers

I Lost My Powers
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Frame 1

Ghost Camello is a young, muscular and unclothed man. He is transparent. He is patting himself for clothing, realizing that he has been stripped.

CAMELLO to self

Aw nuts! I lost my powers again. Stupid worldly thoughts! Detachment is so hard.

Frame 2

Camello is sitting next to Lucky, who is still lying in the hospital bed.

CAMELLO to Lucky

Gosh Lucky, I will never graduate from Purgatory at this rate. I want to be one of God's soldiers, but...

Frame 3

Camello looks over his shoulder. Mikhail barges into the hospital room and is flailing his arms angrily. He is wearing sunglasses, suit and tie. A cigarette hangs from his mouth.[

MIKHAIL to Lucky


CAMELLO To Mikhail

Well if it isn't Judas of Moscow

Frame 4

Lucky clenches his teeth painfully at the noise of Mikhail screaming. Mikhail gets very close to Lucky in threatening manner.

MIKHAIL to Lucky

Care to repeat that, you piece of Catalonian shit?

LUCKY to Mikhail

I said nothing. I just had another heart attack.
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