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Seducer of Angels

Seducer of Angels
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Frame 1
Ghost Camello is speaking to Lucky with great concern. Lucky still lies on the hospital bed looking irritated


You did what you had to do. Now, you need to repent. Ask to be saved. Or, Satan will take you.

Frame 2

A woman is underwater next to a bed of kelp. She is topless and wearing a flowing skirt. Her hair is green and floaty. She wears a pink hair comb. Her eyes are blue and lips are red.

CAMELLO as narrator speaking to Lucky

That's why he sent a river siren to drain you of life energy. The rusalka is a such a powerful demon. It is said that she can seduce angels. She tempted me, Lucky.

Frame 3

Ghost Camello seems dejected. Lucky seems even more irritated.

CAMELLO direction to Lucky

I'm already wracked with guilt. I regret what I did. I went to confession. What more does god want from me? Just leave me alone.

Frame 4

Closeup of Camello's face. His beard, eyepatch, clothing and hat disappear. He becomes younger and nude ghost.

CAMELLO to Lucky

I can't leave. My death was unscheduled. God is busy. I'm stuck in this plane until you die or, the until the correct day of my death. Whichever comes first.
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