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Where is my penis?

Where is my penis?
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Frame 1
The spirits of Camello and Lucky are standing in the apartment. Camello looks less evil; in love, perhaps, from his encounter with the demoness. Lucky looks perplexed.
CAMELLO: To himself: Those lovely, cold tentacles...
LUCKY: To Camello: Your eyes aren’t creepy anymore. That must mean you’re not evil now.

Frame 2
Close-up of Lucky, as he exclaims in annoyance.
LUCKY: To Camello (off-screen): AUGHH!

Frame 3
Camello, having snapped out of the love-spell, is contemplative. Lucky is angry.
CAMELLO: To himself: Oh golly, that wasn’t nice. The adversary tapped into my darkest mortal memories to tempt me. I’d better find those memories so I may expunge them and get my powers back.
LUCKY: To Camello: Where is my penis?
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