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My Home

My Home
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Frame 1
Marlborina and Lucky are standing outside the apartment door.
MARLBORINA: To Lucky: Good thing Camello left you his apartment. Otherwise, you’d be in a bit of trouble.
LUCKY: To Marlborina: Thank you for everything Marlborina. You’re great. I mean that.

Frame 2
Marlborina walks away.
MARLBORINA: To Lucky: I’ll be next door if you need me. Ciao!

Frame 3
Ghost Camello is behind Lucky.
GHOST CAMELLO: To Lucky: You have some nerve coming into my home.
LUCKY: Thinking to himself/To Ghost Camello: I wouldn’t be here at all if you hadn’t given me the place.
GHOST CAMELLO: To Lucky: I gave you this place, but it is still mine.
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Author Notes:

3rd Aug 2021, 8:30 PM
Sorry for the late transcript. I've been working on a novel and it has eaten my life!