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Bitchin' Camaro

Bitchin' Camaro
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Frame 1
Lucky and Marlborina are in her car, a white Corvette convertible.
MARLBORINA To Lucky What happened to your Camaro?
LUCKY To Marlborina Dorotnya has the keys.
MARLBORINA To Lucky Serves you right for getting married again, and outing yourself to her.

Frame 2
Close-up of Marlborina
MARLBORINA To Lucky (off-screen) But, that wasn’t as bad as the time I waslked in on you and Camello. Naughty hubby and ex-boyfriend!

Close-up of a sheepish Lucky.
LUCKY To Marlborina (off-screen) Marlborina, how many times do I have to apologize for that?

Frame 4
Rear view of the car.
MARLBORINA To Lucky I’m just messing with you, Lucky.
LUCKY To Marlborina Why is the entire universe messing with me today?
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