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Telephones and Public Transportation

Telephones and Public Transportation
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Frame 1
Lucky is in a telephone booth, talking on the phone and smoking a cigarette.
LUCKY To Marlborina (on the phone) Marbie, my wife kicked me out. I need a ride to Camello’s place.

Frame 2

LUCKY To Marlborina (on the phone) I’d take public transport, but the tram is broken. The subway is delayed and filled beyond capacity. Plus, here’s my favorite inconvenience... both bus drivers have been on lunch break for two hours.

Frame 3
Dmitri and Zoya are sitting on the steamer trunk. Sasha is off to the side.
DMITRI To Sasha Sasha, did you call Lechy to make sure that we have a place to stay?
SASHA To Dmitri No. Does Lechy even know that we’re in Moscow?
ZOYA To Dmitri and Sasha Please don’t tell me that I have to blow some factory worker, just so we can sleep on the floor of a hostel bathroom.
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