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A man your age.

A man your age.
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Frame 1
Close-up of the side of Lucky’s face.
LUCKY Thinking to himself/To Ghost Camello Are you going to destroy my life?

Frame 2
A silhouette of the side of Ghost Camello’s face.
GHOST CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen) That’s pretty ballsy of you to bring up, considering you murdered me. But, I’m here to help. All you need to do is admit that you’re powerless over your life.

Frame 3
Lucky snaps, and drops his briefcase, bringing his hands to his face.
LUCKY To Ghost Camello (outloud) GO AWAY!

Frame 4
A Russian woman approaches Lucky, who is slumped on the ground.
RUSSIAN WOMAN To Lucky Comrade, a man your age should not be carrying so many things. I will help you.
LUCKY To Russian woman My age? I’m not even forty, yet.
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