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NSFW: If Superkiller didn't do it...

NSFW: If Superkiller didn't do it...
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Frame 1
Tsar is kissing Getter's neck and fondling her right breast. She smiles as she glances at him. Parentheses indicate English dialogue. No parentheses indicate Russian dialogue.
TSAR To Getter
(I feel like spending more!)

(Anyvone ellllse you vant to kill you feeelty maaan.)

Frame 2
Closeup of Tsar's face. He is smirking.
TSAR To Getter
(I'll be surprised if the guy lives long enough to kill, but if he does, he'll be easy to eliminate.)

Frame 3
Lucky is in a hospital bed. He appears tired and pale.
TSAR as Narrator
Strikes "Lucky" Vasquez, Camello’s Lover: If Superkiller didn't do it, this is the only other man who could have done it. Camello trusted him.
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Author Notes:

28th Jun 2021, 12:52 PM
Fun fact: Lucky and Tsar are actually close to the same age.

As of next update, Barxotka's schedule is changing in order to more or less merge with I Have Problems sometime in the future. Also, it's to fill space in the schedule now that SOUP Wars webcomic has concluded. If you haven't read SOUP Wars, it's a surrealistic sci-fi story about toxic sibling rivalry that threatens the very existence of the planet. It's a rather unique and beautifully disturbing experimental story that takes place in post-apocalyptic Mexico. It has three distinct art styles: One to indicate propaganda, another to indicate artificial dreams and one to indicate the real world. The aesthetic is very deeply influenced by animation in the 90's, specifically Liquid Television. Be sure to check it out when you get a chance.