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13th May 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
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Frame 1
Lucky’s on an exam table, with the doctor behind him.
DOCTOR To Lucky: Hemorrhoids, you say.
LUCKY To Doctor: Yeah. I don’t get enough roughage.

Frame 2
Close up of the doctor's face.
DOCTOR To unknown staff (off-screen): I NEED ASSISTANCE!

Frame 3

NURSE (off-screen) To Doctor: Doctor, we’re confident that you don’t need our subpar help when dealing in the delicate work of colorectal medicine.
DOCTOR Mumbling to himself: I wish I could fire those numbskulls.

Frame 4

DOCTOR To Lucky: Comrade, after your sutures, we are having a conversation.
LUCKY To Doctor: You’re putting stitches up my ass?
DOCTOR To Lucky: Would you prefer a bleeding anus?
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