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Space Stoners

Space Stoners
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The dragon’s spaceships are trapped in a space weed-induced haze.

DRAGON To fellow dragons
I hate space stoners, and I hate their daft weapons. Why can’t they annihilate their enemies like civilized space invaders?
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Author Notes:

20th Apr 2021, 11:38 PM
Question: Seriously, how the fuck high were you two?

Loki: "I felt that the Mario Bros. "Overworld Theme" on kettle drums would be the most appropriate song to get the vibe right for this page."

Vas: "He was so fucking high out of his gourd, but he was right."

Loki: "Entirely necessary for the creative process at the time, UNLIKE THAT DAMN ROBOTIC TENTACLE RAPE SCENE!"

Vas: "It wasn't rape. Camello was lonely and eager."