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Gay Homosexual F******

11th Apr 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Gay Homosexual F******
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Frame 1
Lucky looks at Camello (off-screen) indignantly.
LUCKY To Camello (off-screen): I have never been gay in any way!

Frame 2
Camello looks back at Lucky (off-screen), knowingly.
CAMELLO To Lucky (off-screen): Is that why you were so damned infatuated with my father? Or, did you forget about that?

Frame 3
Flashback scene to a younger Lucky and King Gurkha and young Camello.
KING GURKHA To Lucky: Thanks for the compliment, but... If you make a pass at me, again, I will knock yer nose in. It ain’t ‘cuz yer a gay homosexual faggot, it’s just that I’m a happy married king, and I hate the idea of cheatin’ on my darlin’ lil’ Grizzly. Tell you what, how’s about I introduce you to some Rakli* poontang? Them bitches can keep a man sane when he ain’t got no nag wife to love for the rest of his life.
TRANSLATION To Audience: *Non Rroma woman.
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