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Get A Job

5th Apr 2022, 12:00 AM in The Wanted
Get A Job
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Frame 1
Gloria yells at a depressed Camello.
GLORIA To Camello: Why can’t you get a job?
CAMELLO Thinking to himself: Because I’m depressed Gloria.
CAMELLO To Gloria: I don’t know.

Frame 2
Gloria continues yelling.
GLORIA To Camello (off-screen): You better get one soon, or I’ll report you for being a parasite, you useless alcoholic idiot.

Frame 3
Gloria walks away.
GLORIA To Camello (off-screen): I’m off to work at the processing plant. And, don’t even think about drinking. Your uncle hid our money and your stash of vodka, Your Drunkexcellency.

Frame 4
Camello looks off to the right.
CAMELLO To Gloria (off-screen): Thanks Gloria. Bye.
CAMELLO Thinking to himself: Wise move. If I were drunk I would’ve beaten your ass.
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