Tsarkias: Three Tragedies Of A Wrongly Accused Priest

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Tsar, two years after Camello’s death, but a few months before the intermission story. He is still in hiding from the Moskovskaya gang, Lucky and/or, whoever was responsible for his lover’s death.  Neither his children nor he actually live in Moskovsky proper, but in a wooded rural area  just on the outskirts of town. However, Moskovsky proper has the best schools in the area, being better than the boarding schools most children of Romani industrial farm workers are relegated to. Tsar lists an empty apartment here as his relevant alias’s residence for that reason. He shows up to pick up the mail and give his children some sense of normality, so people assume that he lives here.

It’s a pain in the ass to be on the run while giving your kids the best life possible.

↓ Transcript
Single Panel

Children play in the park while Tsar tunes his guitar.

1990, Moskovsky, Russia

We had nothing then. My father would work away, for long periods, just to provide the barest of essentials for us all. But this was all we had ever known. We were a large, and happy family. My brothers and I would join the other children from our building in the park. It was here, the man used to sing for us.